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The Modernisation Coach

My primary occupation is as an employee of ServiceNow where I architect change, communication and learning strategy for clients.

I am also the lead volunteer at Pungra and Skills For The Community.

Articles about modernisation

Get ready to transition to Microsoft Loop
Get ready to transition to Microsoft Loop. I'm going to explain to you why it's important to make a plan to phase out processes that will become legacy.Listen/Subscribe on Spotify / YouTube / Google / Apple /&n...
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Microsoft Loop, it's pretty cool already, but it's going to become even better
I've got my preview access to Microsoft Loop. It's been super cool to have a play. This will step up the game in hyper-collaboration.Listen/Subscribe on Spotify / YouTube / Google / Apple / Amazon /&n...
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ChatGPT adjusted a digital adoption story to side with the future focused person
My instruction for ChatGPTWrite a story about two people, one old fashioned and the other focused on the future. Expand on their attitudes towards change, especially stopping using paper and turning to using digital technology.ChatGPT's storyAlice ha...
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Keep people in the [Microsoft] Loop, available now on Teams and Outlook
Do you remember where you were, that time when you, and other people on different computers, were able to edit a document at the same time? It probably was Google Docs, am I right?Listen/Subscribe on Spotify / YouTube / Googl...
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Will ChatGPT take your job? Well it depends on where your work is on Bloom's Taxonomy
I explain my experience with ChatGPT, and how this is going to disrupt knowledge work.Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on UnsplashTranscriptIs ChatGPT gonna take your job? I dunno if it's gonna take yours. I'm more concerned about mine. I've ...
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Articles about group exercise to Punjabi music

What do the words of this song mean? Naag
See on YouTube / TikTok / Instagram / FacebookMore about the gym
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Good fitness requires a no nonsense approach, with Manjit Singh Dol
My dabbling in the health and fitness industry teaches me some important lessons. They are not about "eat less, exercise more". Becoming healthier and fitter is a little more complicated than this, which is why we must rely on those with the passion ...
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We need to talk more about, and take action on, Type 2 Diabetes amongst South Asians
I spoke to Kavita from about her story and aims to help people prevent or manage Type 2 Diabetes, especially in the South Asian community. She is doing some great work to support Punjabi speakers in Wolverhamption area. Hear about how we are working ...
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What do they mean, Chori Chori Takna, Oh Ho Ho Ho and Speaker?
Song 1Hey Punjabi music lovers I've got this fantastic idea for a song. Tell me what you think. The lyrics go of something like this in English. Stolen. Stolen. In a secret way. You're looking at me. Stolen. Stolen, a secret way. You're looking at me...
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The ace new album by Raf Seperra, Ruff Around The Edges
Listen to the full album, it's awesome. Available on all the great music streaming platforms.Subscribe to the podcast Apple Spotify Google Amazon Audible
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The case for increasing the number of professional group exercise to Punjabi (a.k.a bhangra) instructors
Physical fitness has always been a crucial aspect of human life. However, with the rise of obesity, it has become more important than ever to encourage people to adopt an active lifestyle. One way to do this is through group exercise to music, of whi...
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The top Punjabi music, that we exercised to, in 2022
Listen to my top Punjabi tracks, used for workouts, in 2022. Also available where you get your podcasts, search Think Pungra.Spotify / YouTube / Google / Apple / Audible / Amazon
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Are you a snowflake? And is this impacting your exercise goals?
Generation Snowflake are apparently fussy, emotional and inconsistent with their life plans, ask yourself, "am I a snowflake?". And... listen to great songs by Jordan Sandhu, Gurlez Akthar, Shivjot and Amrit Mann.Listen/watch my podcast on YouTube / ...
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My exercise to Punjabi music class

I teach on Wednesdays 8PM to 9PM and Saturdays 10AM to 11PM at FitClub Gym in Northwood Hills, Greater London.

Can't make it? Workout to my videos on YouTube (search Pungra).

Punjabi music is a.k.a. bhangra.