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Good fitness requires a no nonsense approach, with Manjit Singh Dol

My dabbling in the health and fitness industry teaches me some important lessons. They are not about "eat less, exercise more". Becoming healthier and fitter is a little more complicated than this, which is why we must rely on those with the passion to dive deep into the subject matter.

One such "deep-diver" is Manjit Singh Dol of Absolutely Fit. With deep experience in martial arts, resistance training and nutrition, Manjit is truly a person of science when it comes to helping people achieve their fitness goals. His recent area of deep research is with obesity management.

Listen to our conversation, in which we only scratched the surface of understanding how health and fitness is more complicated than the media and news outlets will have you believe. Including what are some of the myths that need to be set aside and how you can move forward to work with a no nosense coach like Manjit Singh Dol.


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