New to Facebook Messenger, Reactions and Mentions

Facebook Messenger is great for private and group conversations. It is evolving with two new features rolling out in the next few days, Reactions and Mentions.

Like it or not, it’s the most popular messaging service in the world, with one in three of all on the net using it.

To react to messages, select the plus sign and choose your reaction. There are options like thumbs up, thumbs down, love or angry and more. In particular with group discussions this is great, because it’s easier to react to messages that are some way up the thread.

Speaking of group conversations, some members are instantly responsive, yet others don’t look at it for days. If you want to draw someone’s attention to a message, the best way to do it is to mention them. Start with an at symbol, and you’ll see the members of the group. Add them, and you’re done.

There you go, Facebook Messenger is getting even better. Until next time, I’m Ravi, Techie Wingman, I got your back.

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