A new way to keep your family/friends informed of your location, through the GPS on your mobile – Trusted Contacts

app_screenshot_activity_status_focusThere are many great applications available to help you communicate with family/friends. Most them require you to push that message. But what happens if you can’t push the message?

In the case of a natural disaster, kidnapping or some form of physical attack? I am sure there are many other examples you could think of, where if anything was to happen to you, you’d want to be able to communicate your whereabouts to loved ones, without having to rely on actually pressing the screen.

Google have launched a service called Trusted Contacts.

The idea is, you install it on your device and then invite people to be a trusted contact. Once set up, your trusted contacts can find out where you are (or were last, depending on your GPS signal or battery status) in an emergency.

Your trusted contacts can quickly ask for your location status, to which you can give them access; or not. Otherwise, if you don’t respond within 5 minutes, they will automatically be given your location. Spooky hey?

I think this is a great idea, it promotes increased safety and security, whilst always giving you choice about how, and with whom, you share your location information.

Whether you have loved ones that live with you, or people thousands of miles away, this is a great service to have enabled just in case.

It’s available for Android, and coming for iOS soon. Find out more at Google Trusted Contacts.

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