Ravi Sandhu

Digital Learning Designer

What is a Digital Learning Designer?

Also often called an Instructional Designer, or eLearning designer, my work is to convert thought into a form of media that is designed to help others enhance their skills.

Outside of my professional work, I enjoy creating videos that share the latest developments in the world of digital technology I call it Techie Wingman.

Also, I like to exercise regularly. After trying lots of exercise styles and not really feeling like they are for me, I decided to create my own – I call it pungra.fit

A recent YouTube video: Android Apps on Chromebook

My latest updates

Here are my latest posts. I like to help you learn about the latest digital services that enrich your life and increase your productivity. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, the first service I recommend that you use is Feedly. Follow my blog, and all the other blogs you enjoy, on Feedly; and you’ll always stay in the know.